Moonlight Basin Lodge Penthouses For Sale

Moonlight Basin Lodge Penthouses For Sale

Moonlight Basin Lodge Penthouses For Sale are spectacular penthouse residences are located in Moonlight Basin atop the Moonlight Lodge and offer ski-in/ski-out access. Spacious and professionally decorated, these penthouse suites feature gas fireplaces, private outdoor hot tubs, full kitchens and living areas, and private guest entrances.

Enjoy convenient access to all the great amenities at the Moonlight Lodge, including the Jack Creek Grille and Bar, Moonlight Spa, Moonlight Mercantile and North Slope Deli. Moonlight Basin real estate is known for its amazing views and access to recreational opportunities. Moonlight Basin ski terrain adjoins Big Sky Resorts’ “Biggest Skiing in America”.

  • Ski-in/ski-out
  • Walk to shops & restaurants
  • Room service
  • Spa, Health Club & Pool

Moonlight Basin Lodge and Penthouses For Sale come in 3 different configurations and design options.

Moonlight Basin Lodge Penthouses For Sale

Recent buyers of Moonlight Basin Lodge and Penthouses For Sale have taken advantage of attractive prices, with many purchasing the condo for use as an investment property. Other buyers focus on the personal use of resort property instead of treating it as an investment with some personal pleasure as a bonus.

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Moonlight Basin Lodge and Penthouses Gallery

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  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-07
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-08
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-09
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-10
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-11
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-12
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-13
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-14
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-15
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-16
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-17
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-18
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-19
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-20
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-21
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-22
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-23
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-24
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-25
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-26
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-27
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-28
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-29
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-30
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-31
  • moonlight-basin-lodge-and-penthouses-32

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