Big Sky Skycrest Condos For Sale

Big Sky Skycrest Condos For Sale

Big Sky Skycrest Condos For Sale are perched atop the ridge facing Lone Mountain and offer spectacular views of the Mountain Village and Lake Levinsky. With open floor plans, these are exceptionally roomy condominiums.

This family-friendly condominium resort is located at the Big Sky Mountain Village, and is walking distance to the Big Sky Resort Mountain Mall and Lake Levinsky. Big Sky Mountain Village is the area that surrounds the base of Lone Mountain. It is also home to Big Sky Ski Resort, Spanish Peaks, and Moonlight Basin. There are many businesses located in Mountain Village, many of which are open seasonally for both winter and summer visitors.

Big Sky Skycrest Condos For Sale come in 3 different configurations, with several floorplans available.

Big Sky Skycrest Condos For Sale

Recent buyers of Big Sky Skycrest Condos For Sale have taken advantage of attractive prices, with many purchasing the condo for use as an investment property. Other buyers focus on the personal use of resort property instead of treating it as an investment with some personal pleasure as a bonus.

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